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Die Deutsche Bahn stellt sich als “Ein Team. Fürs Klima.” dar, weigert sich jedoch, die Tickets eines neuen Nachtzugs in Deutschland zu vertreiben

Dieses Jahr, passend zur UEFA EURO 2024™ (Europameisterschaft im Fußball), gibt die Deutsche Bahn (DB) die pompöse Behauptung ab, dass sie „Ein Team. Fürs Klima.“ sei.

Es ist jedoch an der Zeit, Fakt von Fiktion zu trennen – ein neuer Nachtzug fährt auf Deutschlands Schienen, und die DB weigert sich, ihn zu verkaufen.

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German Railways (DB) Portrays Itself As “One Team. For The Environment.” But It Refuses To Sell The Tickets Of A New Night Train Operator in Germany

This year, to coincide with the UEFA EURO 2024™ (European Football Championship), German Railways ('DB') is making the pompous claim that it is One Team. For The Environment."

But it is time to separate fact from fiction – a new night train has come to Germany, and DB is deliberately refusing to sell it.

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RegioJet launches night train connecting Prague to Ukraine

RegioJet launched the first Open Access fully commercial passenger rail service between the European Union and Ukraine, on Tuesday evening. The service will run daily in both directions, establishing a direct connection between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

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First Ever Open Access Commercial Passenger Rail Service Starts Between The EU And Ukraine

Yesterday evening, ALLRAIL member operator RegioJet launched the first ever Open Access 100% commercial passenger rail service between the EU and Ukraine. That means: it operates without subsidy. And it will operate daily – in both directions.

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Joint letter: We can make travelling by rail cheaper by reducing rail tolls

An alliance of rail operators, ticket vendors and civil society, committed to make rail more affordable, calls upon the the Member States to:

  • Reduce rail tolls for trains with high capacity. Passenger trains should aim at offering as many seats as possible per train to incentivise a high load factor;
  • Reduce rail tolls for night trains and cross-border trains;

The alliance also calls upon the European Commission to:

  • Revise the Single European Railway Area Directive (2012/34/EU) to set incentives for lower rail tolls for the segments mentioned above. The upcoming guidelines4 will not be sufficient to achieve change. Legislative action is needed to stop excessive tolls.

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