Competition will solve US passenger rail stagnation

"In the United States, competition in the intercity rail market is the answer to the almost unusable Amtrak network. The independent non-profit association, ALLRAIL, has called for the federally bankrolled operation to face competition from the private sector. The call from the association comes as the influential Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has heard that Amtrak’s accounts are almost as unreliable as their timetable".

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ALLRAIL Board Director Alvaro Ungurean and ALLRAIL Secretary General Nick Brooks were speakers about the liberalisation of passenger rail ticketing during different sessions at World Passenger Festival conference taking place in Vienna, Austria

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ALLRAIL Secretary General Nick Brooks was one of the speakers at the annual conference of the European Passengers’ Federation, in the session about competition benefiting passengers

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New Parliament, New Commission, New Chance

Standing at the EU Parliament in Brussels today, ALLRAIL’s team expresses its commitment to work alongside the new EU Parliament and the new EU Commission over the next 5 years to ensure the successful implementation of a more competitive and sustainable rail market before 2029.

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Dutch Government Wants To Force Track Access Fees – Based On An Overpriced Bid By Dutch Railways – Onto All Other Operators

Railway operators must pay a total of approximately €170 million annually for the use of the Amsterdam-Belgium/Breda high-speed line. This amount was agreed between the Dutch government and Dutch Railways (‘NS’), and it stems directly from the Fyra concession fee offered by NS in overpriced bidding back in 2001.

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