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(Interview) RTE’24: Challenges to market liberalisation in The European Union

As one of the 12 recognized rail associations representing the rail industry at a European level, the non-governmental organisation ALLRAIL, the ‘Alliance of Passenger Rail New Entrants in Europe,’ has been advocating for European Union (EU) regulation that will enable faster market opening in Europe since 2017. ALLRAIL Secretary General Nick Brooks discusses the core challenges to reaching their objective with RailTech.

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How to Finance EU Commercially Driven “Open Access” Long-Distance Passenger Rail Rolling Stock, Both Cross-Border and Domestic

The EU Commission or EU Member States as rolling stock assets managers is not the solution. Instead, the involvement of more private investment will help to both finance and operate a higher number of long-distance passenger rail departures and meet the growing demand for passenger rail services.

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European rail sector’s joint statement on the revised Taxonomy Delegated Acts

ALLRAIL, together with the Community of the European Railways and Infrastructure Companies (CER), the European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM), the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA), the International Union of Wagon Keepers (UIP) and the European Rail Supply Industry (UNIFE), issued recommendations to the European Commission regarding its proposal for amending the Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act and the Taxonomy Disclosures Delegated Act.

We, the European rail sector, reaffirm our readiness to work with EU Institutions to make the EU Taxonomy successful.

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Développer le leasing pour soutenir les projets des nouveaux entrants

L’Association des loueurs européens de matériel roulant ferroviaire AERRL et l’association des opérateurs indépendants ALLRAIL se sont concertés au sujet de la problématique de fourniture de véhicules pour faciliter le lancement de nouveaux services de transport de passagers. Cela ne concerne que les projets en open access, et non les contrats de service publics, pour lesquels on opte pratiquement toujours pour du matériel neuf.

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Members of AERRL and ALLRAIL with new PLEDGE to finance and operate newly built or second-hand rolling stock

A meeting between lessors in AERRL and independent railway operators in ALLRAIL leads to a new PLEDGE to actively contribute to help launch new commercial rail offers for passengers through maximum availability of passenger rolling stock.  At the end of the discussion, it appears that the market forces must remember the essential conditions necessary for the good development of the offer and thus of the market share of rail.

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