Podcast: ALLRAIL members on The Comeback of Night Trains in Europe

• Aleš Ondrůj, Senior Director Communications, RegioJet
• Carl Adam Holmberg, Head of Snälltåget
• Nick Brooks, Secretary General ALLRAIL
• Barbora Mičková, Policy Officer ALLRAIL
-> Recorded 17th June 2020

Podcast (Spotify)


Podcast: Passenger rail after COVID-19: Update from the Member States, YouTube & Podcast discussion

After COVID-19 webinar in April 2020 ALLRAIL issued a discussion on YouTube and Podcast channels.

First episode on the impact of COVID-19 on our members:
YouTube - Key points (10min.)
YouTube Full version (50min.)
Podcast (Spotify)
Podcast (Apple)
Podcast (Google)

ALLRAIL: PASSENGER RAIL AFTER COVID-19: Update from the Member States

ALLRAIL Green Deal Priorities: Attractive and efficient night train network

In February 2020 ALLRAIL presented list of Green Deal priorities on: Open Data & Through ticketing, Fair access to track infrastructure, Fair access to rolling stock and Attractive & efficient cross-border night train network. In this paper, we shortly summarise Attractive & efficient cross-border night train network conditions needed to achieve the ambitious Green Deal objectives. 


ALLRAIL presentation on international passenger rail transport: How to stimulate international passenger rail?

Arthur Kamminga presented ALLRAIL vision on the topic of "How to stimulate international passenger rail?" at the Hearing on European support for international passenger rail transport at the Commission for Mobility of the Belgian House of Representatives, taking place on 17th December 2019 at the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium. 



YouTube video

ALLRAIL Top Priorities for the next 5 years (2019 – 2024): summary

In this paper, we will name our seven key policies for the next five years and identify concrete solutions that would make the sector more efficient and attractive, with the overarching aim of achieving modal shift to rail. Otherwise we do not believe that Europe’s ambitious decarbonisation goals will be met on time – it will be too late.