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Poland: hindering competition to protect the incumbent

On 29 July, based on the so-called Economic Equilibrium Test (EET), the Polish Office of Rail Transport (UTK) rejected 84% of the applications for commercially driven services in Poland submitted by our member RegioJet.

Concurrently, Polish incumbent PKP Intercity applied for multiple open access claiming the same or similar connections which were rejected in the case of Regiojet, mostly for the Kraków-Warsaw-Gdynia rail line. This time, no EET will be carried out. Bad news for passengers and rail market opening in Poland.

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Polska: blokowanie konkurencji w celu ochrony państwowego operatora

W dniu 29 lipca, Urząd Transportu Kolejowego (UTK), na podstawie badania równowagi ekonomicznej, odrzucił znaczącą większość wniosków członka ALLRAIL, RegioJet, w zakresie świadczenia pasażerskich przewozów komercyjnych w Polsce – zatwierdzono zaledwie 16% planowanej oferty.

Jednocześnie, państwowy operator kolejowy PKP Intercity zawnioskował o szereg połączeń w ramach otwartego dostępu, ubiegając się o usługi tożsame lub podobne do tych, które zostały odrzucone w przypadku RegioJet na trasie Kraków-Warszawa-Gdynia. W tym przypadku nie zostanie przeprowadzone badanie równowagi ekonomicznej, co źle wróży dla pasażerów oraz liberalizacji rynku kolejowego w Polsce.

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The “Connecting Europe Days” event of 2022 – It is not possible to have a seamless European Rail Area if you still need a separate agreement in each country

The “Connecting Europe Days”, Europe’s flagship event to promote a single transport network, will begin today in Lyon.

But the facts tell a different story: If we want a seamless European rail network, why is it still necessary for passenger rail operators to find a partner each time they cross an internal EU border? This undermines the point of a Single Rail Area.

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The HUGE Mistake In the EU Action Plan To Boost Long-distance & Cross-Border Passenger Rail

It is with disbelief that independent passenger rail operators note how, in the EU Parliament Transport Committee’s Draft Report of the EU Action Plan to boost long-distance & cross-border passenger rail, a HUGE mistake is being made – by promoting more Public Service Obligations (PSOs). Public Service Obligations (PSOs) for EU long distance cross-border rail have failed in the recent past – and they will fail again.

Therefore, we urge the Members of the EU Parliament’s Transport Committee (TRAN) to make urgent changes to their Draft Report on the EU Action Plan - for the sake of the growth in the international rail sector and meeting the goals of the EU Green Deal.

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Railway Gazette,

DB warned over market abuse in digital mobility platforms

The German Federal Monopolies Commission has reached a preliminary conclusion that Deutsche Bahn has committed ‘an abuse of market power’ in relation to digital mobility platforms designed to offer passengers integrated route planning and ticket purchasing. Announcing this on April 20, the Commission said that it had issued DB with a warning for possible obstruction of mobility platforms.

ALLRAIL, the alliance of new entrants in the European rail market, said that the Commission’s preliminary conclusion proved that ‘in addition to limiting modal shift to rail, such anti-competitive behaviour by dominant gatekeepers also undermines multi-modal solutions that have the potential toconsiderably reduce private car use.’

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