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DB warned over market abuse in digital mobility platforms

The German Federal Monopolies Commission has reached a preliminary conclusion that Deutsche Bahn has committed ‘an abuse of market power’ in relation to digital mobility platforms designed to offer passengers integrated route planning and ticket purchasing. Announcing this on April 20, the Commission said that it had issued DB with a warning for possible obstruction of mobility platforms.

ALLRAIL, the alliance of new entrants in the European rail market, said that the Commission’s preliminary conclusion proved that ‘in addition to limiting modal shift to rail, such anti-competitive behaviour by dominant gatekeepers also undermines multi-modal solutions that have the potential toconsiderably reduce private car use.’

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New year 2022 and new global opportunity for passenger rail

As we enter 2022, it is not just in Europe where we see the benefits of market opening in passenger rail. Other parts of the world are seeing the same. Wherever we look, private investment is growing the total rail sector and, by doing so, reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

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Criticism of new concession to NMBS/SNCB by Belgian government

ALLRAIL, the alliance of newcomers to passenger rail transport in Europe, has strongly criticised plans by the Belgian government to once again award a public service contract to NMBS/SNCB for ten years. This would leave the railway monopoly with NMBS/SNCB until 2033 and, according to ALLRAIL, would block innovations in the railway sector.

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New articles by Investigate Europe reveal growth of cross-border rail is hampered by protectionism

In a major new set of articles, independent reports from Investigate Europe have revealed that the growth of European cross-border passenger rail is still severely hampered by many national governments protecting their state-owned railway companies.

In the 6-7 countries where it has been allowed to happen so far, market liberalisation has really boosted modal shift to rail.

Yet in most of Europe we still see governments deliberately delaying rail liberalisation until the 2030s and sabotaging the goals of the EU Green Deal.

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