Ukraine Taskforce


After Russia’s unprovoked and brutal invasion of Ukraine, one thing became immediately clear: the critical role of the Ukrainian and European rail systems in evacuating refugees as well as transporting humanitarian aid and agricultural produce.

This is why the Global Ukraine Task Force was set up fast, in order to coordinate technical, mechanical, and policy support for Ukrainian freight and passenger rail companies as well as refugee trains.
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The Task Force is now working together with WE AID, the German branch of the leading charitable organization United Way on a DONATION CAMPAIGN to raise funds for the railroad in this crisis. We want to help the Ukrainian rail system.


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Bank name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Aktiengesellschaft
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The primary aim of the Global Ukraine Rail Task Force is to provide a roundtable to analyse the impact of Russia’s aggressive invasion on Ukraine’s rail sector and to seek solutions.   The twin goals are to address the humanitarian crisis enveloping the rail sector as well as rebuilding the rail infrastructure to replace war damage and meet the long term needs of a democratic Ukraine linked to the European Union.


The Task Force will work with political  stakeholders and reach out to experts in the international rail community to implement our core objectives, providing  cross-functional expertise.  The Task Force will vet obstacles and attempt to identify practical solutions through our members as well as governmental and industry allies.
Our Four Objectives are:

  1. Address the humanitarian crisis.  This starts with a commitment to  i) support railway employees and their families who are suffering from the invasion; ii) to rescue and place Ukrainian refugees through the mobilization of special chartered trains that take people out and  bring supplies back in.
  2. Rebuild the Rail Sector Infrastructure. In the short term the destroyed track, bridges and electricity sub-stations must be replaced.
  3. Address Passenger Rail Capacity. Increase of commuter and passenger rail capacity, on both domestic and international routes, as the best way to move people in the coming years. Reduction of dependency on air and highways for personal travel will underly a plan to expand commuter and intercity passenger rail growth both in the short term and long term.
  4. Maximize Freight Capacity.   A primary focus will be on continuing quick rehabilitation of infrastructure (Task Force Objective 2) as well as technologies and improvements necessary to expand the throughput of all goods.  This includes grain, oil, metals, and ore  supplies towards the EU for maximum replacement of current Russian exports; and fuel also in the reverse direction where Ukraine is in need.


  • Preliminary Study of the long-term goal of the best use of the Ukrainian Rail Sector in the movement of grain;
  • Preliminary Study of best use of rail in movement of fuel;
  • Facilitate allocation of 1435 mm rolling stock and increase the capacity of the European forwarders / terminals.


The Task Force is currently hosted by ALLRAIL, an association of independent passenger rail companies based in Brussels, Belgium. Additional hosts will be sought to share in the administrative function of this volunteer organization.  The Task Force has two components:

  1. TASK FORCE Members – Steering Committee –The Steering Committee will be composed of current  interim TASK FORCE Steering Committee  Members or additional members selected as unanimously agreed to by the Steering Committee.
  2. TASK FORCE Members -  Advisory Panel - The Steering Committee will invite Individuals to become Task Force Members who will serve on an Advisory Panel.  They will be selected based on knowledge and experience in specific areas that will assist Ukraine Rail Sector development.


  • Honorable Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Honorary Chair  - Co-Chair of Ukrainian Congressional Caucus in the US House of Representatives
  • Jolene Molitoris, Chair - former US Federal Railroad Administrator
  • Nick Brooks, Co-Chair - Secretary General of Alliance of Rail New Entrants in Europe (ALLRAIL)
  • Ray Chambers, Vice Chair - President of US Association of Innovative Passenger Rail Operations (AIPRO)
  • Yuriy Maslikov - CEO of the privately owned Ukrainian freight rail operator Ost-West Logistik Netzwerk GmbH (OWLN)
  • Lord Tony Berkeley  - member of the UK House of Lords and former President of the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA)
  • Oleksandr Kamyshin  - CEO of Ukrainian Railways
  • Jon M. McGrath - Owner of McGrath Rail
  • Robert Vander Clute  - former co-chair UIC and Owner of First Rail Consulting
  • Peter Gibbons - Chief Security Officer at UK rail infrastructure manager Network Rail


  • Volodymyr Shemayev - Ukrainian Railways’ Head of Office for International Projects - Alternate to Mr Kamyshin
  • Tim Hollaway - Recording Secretary - Alternate to Mr. Maslikov
  • Jon McKinley - Foreign Affairs Assistant to US Congresswoman Kaptur
  • Charles Hogue – Labour and Manpower specialist
  • Mason Baxter (AIPRO) – Alternate to Mr. Chambers
  • Jon Michael McGrath II – Alternate to Mr. McGrath
  • Katharina Dekeyser (ALLRAIL) – Alternate to Mr. Brooks
  • David “Woody” Woodruff - CN Railroad – Infrastructure & Freight
  • Marie Keister – Public Affairs
  • Peter Peyser  - Peyser Associates - Commuter rail
  • Barbara McNamara - former US National Security Agency Deputy Director


If you have further questions about the Task Force, then please contact:
+32 479 07 08 06