Die Deutsche Bahn stellt sich als “Ein Team. Fürs Klima.” dar, weigert sich jedoch, die Tickets eines neuen Nachtzugs in Deutschland zu vertreiben

Dieses Jahr, passend zur UEFA EURO 2024™ (Europameisterschaft im Fußball), gibt die Deutsche Bahn (DB) die pompöse Behauptung ab, dass sie „Ein Team. Fürs Klima.“ sei.

Es ist jedoch an der Zeit, Fakt von Fiktion zu trennen – ein neuer Nachtzug fährt auf Deutschlands Schienen, und die DB weigert sich, ihn zu verkaufen.

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German Railways (DB) Portrays Itself As “One Team. For The Environment.” But It Refuses To Sell The Tickets Of A New Night Train Operator in Germany

This year, to coincide with the UEFA EURO 2024™ (European Football Championship), German Railways ('DB') is making the pompous claim that it is One Team. For The Environment."

But it is time to separate fact from fiction – a new night train has come to Germany, and DB is deliberately refusing to sell it.

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Café Kyiv’s “Ukraine meets Europe” Event in Berlin  Fuels Support for Ukrainian Resilience

Yesterday, the annual “Ukraine meets Europe” event was held at Café Kyiv in Berlin, Germany. This gathering, occurring just a few days before the second anniversary of Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine, served as a reminder of the enduring spirit of the Ukrainian people.

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German court rules against DB in rail ticketing lawsuit filed by Flix

In a significant legal development, the Hamburg Regional Court has handed down a judgement recognising the dominant position of Deutsche Bahn’s (DB) in-house online rail ticket vendors. The ruling, issued on December 1, stems from a lawsuit filed by independent operator FlixTrain. It successfully challenged certain filter options used by DB’s online ticket sales vendors, leading to misleading search results.

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Germany: in a judgement, Court recognises the dominant position of incumbent Deutsche Bahn’s in-house online rail ticket vendors

The Hamburg Regional Court, in its judgment of 1 December 2023, fully upheld a lawsuit filed by an independent operator, prohibiting the in-house online rail ticket sales vendors of the state-owned rail incumbent Deutsche Bahn (DB) from using certain filter options which led to misleading search results.

It confirms that DB's in-house online rail ticket sales vendors are market-dominant in Germany - and by deliberately suppressing competing long-distance competitors this has had a direct and lasting negative effect on competition - because booking a train ticket requires the search and comparison of visible offers.

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