SJ använder svenska skattepengar till orättvis konkurrens mot Snälltåget

Trafikverket bör ta ansvar för den av SJ nyligen aviserade offensiven mot det privatägda järnvägsföretaget Snälltåget. Det svenska statliga järnvägsföretaget SJ, har nämligen meddelat att man kommer att kopiera Snälltågets nattåg mellan Stockholm – Berlin, genom att förlänga sin, av svenska skattebetalare subventionerade nattågstrafik Stockholm – Hamburg till Berlin. Detta utgör en olaglig korssubventionering.

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Trafikverket to blame for state-owned SJ using Swedish PSO subsidy for unfair competition in EU night train market

The Swedish Transport Authority Trafikverket should take responsibility for the recently announced offensive against the privately owned operator Snälltåget by the Swedish state-owned rail incumbent SJ. Namely, SJ has announced that it will compete with Snälltåget´s commercially driven night train between Stockholm and Berlin by extending its taxpayer-funded Stockholm – Hamburg night train service to Berlin. This represents an illegal cross-subsidy.

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Le 60ème anniversaire du Traité de l’Élysée devrait être l’occasion de célébrer l’espace ferroviaire unique européen, et non un nouveau monopole ferroviaire transfrontalier

Dimanche dernier (22 janvier) fut célébré le 60ème anniversaire du traité d'amitié entre la France et l'Allemagne. Les deux pays font partie intégrante de l'Union européenne et du marché unique européen. Il est donc surprenant que leurs deux opérateurs ferroviaires publics marquent cet évènement en créant conjointement un nouveau monopole de trains à grande vitesse.

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The 60th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty should celebrate the Single European Rail Area – and not a new cross-border rail monopoly

Four days ago, on Sunday 22 January, we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the treaty of friendship between France and Germany. Both countries are an integral part of the EU and the European single market. Therefore, it is rather odd that their two state-owned rail incumbents are marking this anniversary with a new joint high speed rail monopoly.

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Another flaw of vertical integration: One operator is on strike, so all the others have to stop as well

Yesterday, the Austrian state-owned rail incumbent Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) was on strike. Since the incumbent rail operator and infrastructure manager are vertically integrated in Austria, it led to the infrastructure manager being on strike as well. Therefore, ÖBB's competitors such as WESTbahn and RegioJet were unable to operate their trains even though they were not on strike.

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