International rail

Live Meeting of the Platform on International Rail Passenger Transport (‘IRP’)

Our Secretary General, Nick Brooks, participated in the IRP meeting on Ticketing hosted by the United Kingdom's Transport Ministry—the Department for Transport (DfT)—at the headquarters of the UK rail regulator, the Office for Rail and Road (ORR), located at Canary Wharf in London.

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RegioJet launches night train connecting Prague to Ukraine

RegioJet launched the first Open Access fully commercial passenger rail service between the European Union and Ukraine, on Tuesday evening. The service will run daily in both directions, establishing a direct connection between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

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EU Rail Capacity Management Needs 6 Key Success Factors

The EU needs to move from annual, manual and national system to a flexible, digital and European one. There must be cooperation in a competitive market.Therefore, there are Six Key Success Factors that are necessary.

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The Channel Tunnel’s passenger train service has a major problem. Now a radical shakeup might be on its way

After almost 30 years of monopoly, Eurostar is suddenly facing a raft of new challengers on its core international routes, with competition offering the prospect of more trains, more choice and lower fares.

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Newcomer Heuro Announces its Plans to Be a High-Speed Rail Operator that Will Connect Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London

Heuro wants to offer outstanding service while reducing carbon emissions and ticket prices.ALLRAIL welcomes such newcomers – they will bring more choice and more trains to a market that is chronically underserved.


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