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CZECH REPUBLIC: commercially driven open access rail connections excluded from COVID-19 aid

The Czech Ministry of Transport recently announced a selective aid program for rail operators to cover losses caused by COVID-19. However, the scope of the aid is not fair & equal within the sector; it explicitly excludes the commercially viable 'open access' passenger rail connections


ALLRAIL Press Conference: Forget the EU Green Deal if there is no fair & equal help for ALL passenger rail companies in the crisis

EU passenger rail has experienced a dramatic decline in demand due to the COVID-19 crisis. Whereas ALLRAIL considers most financial aid schemes taken at the national level as inconsistent and unreliable, there has been some financial help for individual companies. Nevertheless, even though the 2nd wave of the pandemic was predicted months ago, there is still no uniform European strategy that supports all rail passenger rail companies fairly and equally - both operators and ticket vendors - both privately and publicly owned.

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ALLRAIL Pressekonferenz: Wir können den EU Green Deal vergessen, wenn nicht allen europäischen Bahnunternehmen in gleicher Weise geholfen wird

Der Personenverkehr auf der Schiene hatte im Zusammenhang mit der COVID-19 Krise mit einem dramatischen Nachfragerückgang zu kämpfen. Obwohl unser Verband ALLRAIL die meisten nationalen Hilfsmaßnahmen als schwach, uneinheitlich und unzuverlässig ansieht, gab es zumindest finanzielle Unterstützung für einzelne Unternehmen.

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ALLRAIL online press conference (23rd September) – Passenger rail facing the second wave of COVID-19

Fair competition in the rail sector is crucial to securing EU climate change goals and sustainable recovery

Panelists: Erich Forster, President ALLRAIL & CEO WESTbahn

Christian Schreyer, Vice-President ALLRAIL & Transdev CEO for North & Central Europe

Nick Brooks, Secretary General ALLRAIL

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Podcast: Passenger rail after COVID-19: Update from the Member States, YouTube & Podcast discussion

After COVID-19 webinar in April 2020 ALLRAIL issued a discussion on YouTube and Podcast channels.

First episode on the impact of COVID-19 on our members:
YouTube - Key points (10min.)
YouTube Full version (50min.)
Podcast (Spotify)
Podcast (Apple)
Podcast (Google)

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