Tulsa, OK, USA,

Why It Is Important To Support Ukraine (By Jon M. McGrath)

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has far-reaching consequences, resulting in immense suffering for the citizens of Ukraine and destabilizing the region. However, amidst the turmoil, Ukraine's struggle for victory is not only a matter of territorial integrity but also a fight for democratic values, human rights, and the preservation of international order. This white paper will outline several compelling reasons why Ukraine should emerge triumphant in the war, emphasizing the importance of justice, self-determination, sovereignty, and the promotion of a peaceful and inclusive global community ruled by law.

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Tulsa, OK, USA,

Executive Summary – Why It Is Important To Support Ukraine (By Jon M. McGrath)

The following is a chronological history of the obligations of the United States and key reasons why it is important to support Ukraine. This is over a year of research and first-hand knowledge on why it is important to support Ukraine.
I am reminded by one of our Task Force colleagues Peter Gibbons, Chief Security Officer of Network Rail in the United Kingdom: “This war is about Freedom. Either you are for it, or you are against it. It is that simple.”
- Jon M. McGrath

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Ending a 50-Year Embargo in the FRA Amtrak Long-Distance Study

ALLRAIL is pleased to feature in this new article about future reform of passenger rail in the United States of America.
The benefits of market liberalisation are not limited to any one country; instead they can be achieved all over the world.

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Special Statement about Brightline in the USA

22 September 2023: today, the privately owned passenger rail operator Brightline will start regular, scheduled Intercity services between the two largest transport hubs in Florida: Miami and Orlando.

ALLRAIL congratulates Brightline on the milestone that it has achieved today and hopes that this will be the start of a new era of privately owned operators playing a major role in the US Intercity rail market.


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USA: in Land of Enterprise, it is competition between different operators that will maximize the benefits of high-speed rail

This week, the American Public Transport Association (APTA)'s High-Speed Rail Seminar event in Washington DC will be an excellent opportunity to highlight the large net positive benefit of high-speed rail for the US economy and society. However, in order to get there, the usage of the new high-speed rail infrastructure should be maximized. This can only be achieved by promoting competition between different high-speed operators from the beginning of operations.


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