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The Telegraph: Eurostar bailout should trigger more rail support, say operators

Allrail said: “Rail traffic between the two countries is run on a commercially driven open access business model. If the UK Government wants to give Covid-19 financial aid, then all other long distance open access passenger rail operators in the country  such as Hull Trains, must also be supported.”

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Is Europe Facing the Re-Monopolisation of Passenger Rail?

At the end of last week, the EU Commission’s Transport Directorate published its Rail Market Monitoring Report (RMMS) Number 7.

For passenger rail, the results are a climate disaster: just 7.8 % market share of all land-based passenger traffic. Meanwhile, the market share of truly independent, privately owned operators is only about 7 %.


Ник Брукс: Не знаю примеров в Европе, где грузовые операторы субсидируют пассажирские перевозки

Украинские железные дороги имеют большой потенциал, но однозначно нуждаются в реформе. К реформам "Укразализныци" Украину призывает и Европейские Союз. Глава ALLRail – международной организации пассажирского транспорта в Европе, Ник Брукс рассказал о том, как железные дороги реформировали в Европе и какой опыт может позаимствовать Украина.


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Multimodal platform FromAtoB closes down: the market dominant rail incumbents are succeeding in killing off the independent ticketing market

Twelve years ago, the independent multimodal booking platform “FromAtoB” was founded. Based in Berlin, it understood that people need door-to-door digital booking solutions combining different multimodal operators. This is one of the best ways to rival the convenience of the private motor car.

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PORTUGAL: What a disappointing start to the EU Year of Rail 2021

Since 2011, the gradual opening of the EU Single Rail Market has benefited users, taxpayers & the environment. Evidence shows this has led to an increased number of rail travellers – sometimes by more than 100% in just five years. This has boosted regional economies while reducing the carbon footprint.