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In the Land of Enterprise, it’s Time for More Competition in Intercity Rail

The US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is concerned about the lack of improvements at Amtrak following the record levels of funding that it has received. Some comparisons were made to rail in Europe. However, high-speed rail in Europe only became affordable for most citizens and more efficient after intramodal competition was introduced.


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ALLRAIL: Netherlands should waive the High-Speed Line toll

"ALLRAIL believes that the Netherlands should waive the levy it charges for the use of the high-speed railway line (HSL-Zuid) from Amsterdam to Hazeldonk. As its reason, the alliance argues that the levy is discriminatory by nature."

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España: El ministro de Transportes afirma: El actual modelo de liberalización “beneficia a cualquier cosa menos a la libre competencia”

España es presentada por algunos como un ejemplo en Europa de los beneficios de la apertura del transporte ferroviario de pasajeros. Sin embargo, el nuevo ministro socialista de Transportes, Óscar Puente, dijo recientemente en el Congreso de los Diputados que este modelo de liberalización - en el que solo compiten entre sí las compañias estatales - tiene "efectos perjudiciales" ya que sus pérdidas "tendrán el colchón del Estado para cubrirlas".


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Spain: Transport Minister says: Current Market Opening Model “Benefits Anything but Free Competition”

Spain is portrayed by some as an example of the benefits of passenger rail opening in Europe. However, Spain's new centre-left Transport Minister Óscar Puente recently said in parliament that this liberalisation model - in which only state incumbents compete with each other - has “damaging effects” because their losses will "have the cushion of the state to cover them”.


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The Channel Tunnel’s passenger train service has a major problem. Now a radical shakeup might be on its way

After almost 30 years of monopoly, Eurostar is suddenly facing a raft of new challengers on its core international routes, with competition offering the prospect of more trains, more choice and lower fares.

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