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Open Access Long-Distance Rail Outperforms Clockface Timetables in Enhancing Societal Welfare

In the light of the EU Commission's proposal for a Regulation on the Use of Railway Infrastructure in the Single European Railway Area (SERA), a new academic report has been published by Professor Thomas Ehrmann of the University of Münster in Germany. This report critically examines the concept of clockface timetables, using data and empirical evidence from Sweden, Spain and Switzerland as well as assessing its implications for Germany under the proposed "Deutschlandtakt".  

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New Parliament, New Commission, New Chance

Standing at the EU Parliament in Brussels today, ALLRAIL’s team expresses its commitment to work alongside the new EU Parliament and the new EU Commission over the next 5 years to ensure the successful implementation of a more competitive and sustainable rail market before 2029.

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New EU Cross-Border Rail Services Between Copenhagen and Stockholm

Last week, the independent operator Snälltåget started a new long-distance daytime service between Copenhagen and Stockholm. There could be many more services like this – growing cross-border rail – if only the conditions to encourage more commercial-driven services were in place.

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Transdev Mobility Sphere Conference: Mobility as a driver of social cohesion


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ALLRAIL Welcomes Adoption of EU Parliament’s Position on the Railway Capacity Regulation, While Expressing Concerns Over Clockface Timetables

ALLRAIL welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of its position on the Railway Capacity Regulation. However, ALLRAIL also expresses significant reservations regarding the introduction of the concept of clockface timetables, which raises concerns about its impact on the flexibility and commercial viability of long-distance passenger rail services.


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