Podcast: ALLRAIL members on The Comeback of Night Trains in Europe

• Aleš Ondrůj, Senior Director Communications, RegioJet
• Carl Adam Holmberg, Head of Snälltåget
• Nick Brooks, Secretary General ALLRAIL
• Barbora Mičková, Policy Officer ALLRAIL
-> Recorded 17th June 2020

Podcast (Spotify)

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Podcast: Passenger rail after COVID-19: Update from the Member States, YouTube & Podcast discussion

After COVID-19 webinar in April 2020 ALLRAIL issued a discussion on YouTube and Podcast channels.

First episode on the impact of COVID-19 on our members:
YouTube - Key points (10min.)
YouTube Full version (50min.)
Podcast (Spotify)
Podcast (Apple)
Podcast (Google)

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Railway Gazette Events: The Future of Passenger Rail

We consider the future of passenger rail in the 2020s. There can be little doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has shaken faith in public transport, but rail remains fundamentally attractive for its ability to move people efficiently with minimal land take and an extremely low carbon footprint. This discussion will assess the outlook for passenger operators and how they might adjust to a ‘new normal’.


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