European Rail Manifesto: Reaching EU Climate goals by making rail the first choice for European travel in 2030

In the framework of the #ConnectingEurope Days in Lyon (June 2022), ALLRAIL along with other European actors of the rail sector, industry, civil society, passengers and workers associations came up together with the European Rail Manifesto.

In this manifesto, we commit to working towards a collaborative rail ecosystem that provides affordable, inclusive, secure and green mobility for all European Citizens by 2030, in order to progress with a modal shift in which medium and long-distance passenger transport is the backbone.

Our 2030 European Rail Vision is based on six objectives to be reached by 2030:

  1. Make rail the backbone of sustainable mobility;
  2. Ensure inclusiveness, competitiveness and affordability;
  3. Guarantee connectedness, service levels and infrastructure quality;
  4. Promote a green, inclusive, attractive, gender-balanced and qualified industry and jobs;
  5. Ensure good governance, high quality, reliability and security;
  6. Finance and invest in the future of rail.

In addition, we call upon European institutions and Member states to support our commitment. 

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Travel and rail industry partner with civil society calling on policy makers to shift to rail

ALLRAIL, along with other European actors of the rail and travel sector, rail industry, civil society, passengers associations call on European Institutions and Member states to take bold actions now to achieve a climate-friendly transport system by 2030.

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