Technical Standard

Joint Letter on the Commission’s Request to the European Agency of Railway to Revise the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs)

The European Commission has launched a consultation regarding its future request to the European Agency of Railways to develop and review the technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs): the legal Framework establishing mandatory requirements for the rail system in the Union.

AERRL, ALLRAIL, CER, EAL, EIM, FEDECRAIL, NB-Rail, UIP, UIRR, UITP and UNIFE called to focus on important items, primarily signalling (ERTMS), harmonisation of operation rules, railway communication systems (FRMCS), and the Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC).

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For Multi-Modal, Door-To-Door Bookings In Ground Public Transport, Transmodel NeTEx Is The Best Technical Standard

To counter the dominance of the private motor car and reduce carbon emissions, it is crucial to enable door-to-door bookings on ground-based public transport, with rail as the backbone of the journey.

Therefore a common technical standard across all ground transportation modes must be introduced. The tried and tested Transmodel NeTEx is proven to be technically superior and flexible, and offers full transparency for travellers.

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