ALLRAIL’s Salim Benkirane took part in the 24th Florence Rail forum on the revision of the railway state guidelines

The Forum was co-organised by the Transport Area of the Florence School of Regulation together with the European Commission’s DG COMP.

The event explored the following questions:

(1) Operating aid: How do we support modal shifts, both in passenger and freight, new services, new connections, and innovation in transport organisations?

(2) Investment aid for infrastructure: How to promote new infrastructure, in particular supporting service facilities (multimodal terminals, terminals in ports, maintenance facilities and beyond), addressing both the funding gap and maximising available resources while ensuring proportionality?

(3) Investment aid for mobile equipment: How do we support access to mobile equipment, the modernisation and greening of such equipment, and interoperability while ensuring a level playing field?

Tom Buchhold, Senior Manager EU Public Affairs at FLIX and Conor Feighan, Secretary General of ERFA.