7,500 More Food Packages Reach  Ukrainian Railway Workers
Olexandr Gnatiuk from the Trade Union and Nataliia Fiebrig from our charity partner WE AID

In collaboration with the Trade Union of Railwaymen and Transport Construction Workers of Ukraine, the Global Ukraine Rail Task Force (‘GURTF’) and our allies have helped to ensure that railway workers are not left to face the war and its consequences alone. 

Thanks to your generous corporate and individual donations in Autumn/Fall 2023, we were able to distribute 7,500 additional food packages to rail sector workers and their families in the warzone.

GURTF Vice Chair Ray Chambers says: “As colleagues in the global rail sector, we stand in solidarity with our counterparts in Ukraine as they face the unjust aggression from Russia.” 

GURTF Member Jon M. McGrath continues: “We support their courage and resilience in these challenging times. Our thoughts are with them as we hope for a swift resolution to this conflict. Solidarity comes not only from all of us in the rail community, but from citizens around the world who stand in support of freedom.

However, the railway workers in Ukraine still need our support. They require food packages, first-aid kits for trains, protective equipment, and other assistance.

Your donation of just $20 / €17 / £15 can provide one package. Please donate in any leading currencies via the secure payment platform of our verified charity partner, United Way/WE AID:


Let’s make a meaningful impact together!